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Black Chokeberry



Aronia melanocarpa



Considered one of the best of the black chokeberries.  Attractive dark glossy leaves and superb autumn hues make this one a real winner!  Flowers bloom earlier than other varieties.  Large attractive black fruit will persist until spring if the birds don't get them first.  Developed in Europe as an orchard plant.  High in vitamins and anti oxidants.  Edible fruit!   Commercially grown varieties for juice.

Fast-growing shrub does fine in wet or dry soil, in sun or partial shade, even in poor soils.  Shorter and more compact than the standard.

Appearance: Vase shaped shrub, branching from the base, 3-8 ft in height, with touches of red in every season including; white flowers with red stamens in spring, orange/red fall foliage and clusters of glossy black berries in fall and winter.

Heavy, concentrated fruit set and a compact habit make this a multi-use shrub.  Decorative and edible!

Landscape use: Naturalizing, border shrub, edible landscape, or erosion control.   MAKES AN EXCELLENT HEDGE!

 The berries are eaten by Humans, cedar waxwings, chickadees, grouse, catbirds, eastern meadowlarks and other critters.

Fruit is edible and a good source of vitamin C.  Commonly used for juice, jams, jellies, and syrup.

Zones:  3-7

Early Fall Color


Difference between Viking and Nero:  Viking is taller topping out at about 8 feet.  Nero at about 6 feet.  Fruit production is slightly heavier on Viking due to it being a larger shrub.  Fruit ripens at the same time for both varieties.

Container grown shipped bare to semi-bare root depending on season.  Sometimes bears a light crop the first season from a spring planting.

Gallon size; 12-24"        

Item Name: VIKING Black Chokeberry GAL SBR  Item Number: 12598


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Item Name: NERO Black Chokeberry GAL SBR  Item Number: 13156


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