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Old Fashioned White Lilac

Syringa vulgaris

This old fashion lilac bears large fragrant white blossoms in May and is considered one of the most fragrant of all lilacs! Moderate growing shrub with dark green foliage. Used commonly for hedges, screens, and as a specimen plant.

Zone 2-8        10-20' at maturity.  May be kept shorter by pruning.
Container grown in gallon pots.  Shipped bare root to semi-bare root depending on season. 


NOTE:  We do not guarantee plants grown outside of their USDA rated zones.  While there are exceptions to every rule when growing plants (Micro-climates, etc.), suffice it to say that these WILL NOT grow where there are not freezing winters.  For this very reason, we do not ship these to HI.  In other southern States:  If no one else has lilacs growing in their landscape, there is a reason for it......It is too warm.

Gallon size; 18-36" plants shipped bare to semi-bare root:   

Item Name: White Lilac Gal SBR   Item Number: 90056

White Lilac Gal SBR
Qty: Price: $10.95

Item Name: White Lilac 5 Gal SBR   Item Number: 13126

White Lilac 5 Gal SBR
Qty: Price: $29.95

5 gallon size; 24-36" multi branched, pruned